Postgraduate Degree in Ageing, Health and Citizenship

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Today’s societies are ageing societies in which individuals live longer. At the individual level, a higher longevity implies radical changes in the lifecycle, especially concerning the health status and the participation in social life. To live longer also means being more exposed to non-communicable chronic diseases, as well as to a decline of social networks.
In short, ageing accentuates the risks related to age, the health status’ vulnerability, social isolation and loneliness, dependence and stigmatization of older people.
The paradigm of active ageing (WHO, 2002) emerges as a paradigm of intervention in society aimed at changing older people’s situation while addressing the problems of increased longevity.
The Postgraduate Degree in Ageing, Health and Citizenship aims to contribute to the best practices in this area and to turn ageing into an opportunity for maintenance of lifelong learning.

- To enhance knowledge on the ageing process;
- To increase knowledge on assessment, intervention and rehabilitation of older people;
- To enhance interdisciplinary teamwork skills, optimizing the human and material resources.

Organization and structure:
The postgraduate degree is carried out between February and July, 2016. The programme has a face-to-face teaching component with a total of 240 hours.
Conferences and workshops will be organized to promote the consolidation of knowledge and the discussion of practical cases.
Timetable: Friday afternoons (5 p.m. - 9 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (9 a.m. – 2 p.m.)
Credits: 30 ECTs
Assessment: Students will be individually assessed in each curricular unit. The final grade will result from the weighted average of scores achieved in each curricular unit.

Course Units Scientific Area Type Total hours T Hours TP Hours LP Hours S Hours CP/TG Hours TG Hours ECTS

T - Theoretical Classes; TP - Theoretical-Practical Classes; PL - Practical and Laboratorial Classes;
S - Seminar; CP/FW - Clinical Practice/Fieldwork; TG - Tutorial Guidance

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