International Meeting Innovations & Technology in Mental Health Promotion

Psychiatric disorders are one of the ten leading causes of disability throughout life, and Portugal has the second highest prevalence in Europe. More than one-fifth of the Portuguese population suffers from a psychiatric disorder (22.9%), with emphasis on anxiety and humor disorders, with the prevalence of 16.5% and 7.8% respectively (PNSM, 2017).

Given the magnitude of this problem, there is an urgent need to promote better mental health indicators through innovation and the use of technologies applied to health.

Thus, the new technologies and innovative strategies using interactive methodologies and different resources are tools which could advance the involvement of individuals and groups, to achieve greater coverage of mental health promotion, at the lowest cost.

In this respect, we have arranged this meeting with the objective of promoting dissemination, analysis, and discussion of strategies within the context of the different levels of intervention: mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention, at the community level.

This International Meeting of Experts is composed of 5 workshops and will include the participation of several researchers:

Dr. Heidi Parisod (University of Turku (Finland)
Ph.D. Student Johanna Nyman (University of Turku (Finland)
Dr. Angelica Martins de Souza Gonçalves (Federal University of São Carlos - Brazil)
Dr. Teresa Barroso (Nursing School of Coimbra - Portugal)
Dr. Fernanda Matos Fernandes Castelo Branco (Federal University of Amapá - Brazil)
Dr. Marina Nolli Bittencourt (Federal University of Amapá - Brazil)
Dr. Maria Isabel Marques (Nursing School of Coimbra - Portugal)
Ph.D. Student Tassiana Potrich (Federal University of Santa Catarina - Brazil)

General Objectives
- To collect and share innovative experiences and relevant scientific contributions based on the experience of international experts within the scope of mental health promotion.
- To reinforce the international network in which mental health projects are developed.

Target audience: Nurses and other health professionals

Note: Admissions limited to 30 participants per workshop


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