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Doctor Manuel Alves Rodrigues - Coordinator of Health Sciences Research Unit: Nursing, Vice-President of the Nursing School of Coimbra.

Daniela Pinto, Grant holder in UICISA: E
Heidi Parisod, Ph.D., PHN/RN
Tereza Barroso, Ph.D.


14:00 - 18:00
Workshop 1: Digital interventions in supporting adolescents’ self-efficacy

Heidi Parisod, PhD, PHN/RN

Johanna Nyman, MNSc, PHN/RN

Objetivo: To deepen understanding about the use of digital interventions in adolescents’ health promotion and supporting self-efficacy.

Conteúdos: In adolescent health promotion, there is need for innovative and effective interventions that develop adolescents’ self-efficacy and refusal skills. Digital environments and gamification offer new possibilities for adolescents’ health promotion and supporting their self-efficacy. This workshop introduces participants to digital health interventions, especially digital games, as well as adolescents’ self-efficacy and how it can be supported.  Participants will also be involved in discussing and brainstorming ways to support adolescents’ self-efficacy using digital environments and issues (e.g. challenges) that need to be considered when developing such interventions.


Tempo: 4 horas


População-Alvo: People working with or studying school-aged children or adolescents as well as students and professionals interested in the subject.


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