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While not new, the concept of health outcomes which are sensitive to the nursing care is now becoming particularly relevant. The demonstration of the impact of each discipline or profession on the health and wellbeing of people becomes a necessity in less affluent periods.
Society moved from the enshrinement of health professionals, whose decisions were indisputable, to their accountability for what they do and why they do it, the possible outcomes of what they do and, in the end, how much it all costs.
Research shows that healthcare entered the age of “accountability”, which is visible through the increasing amount of studies on effectiveness and healthcare outcomes.
In addition to the complexity associated to care and to the settings where care is provided, the myriad of opinions on what to measure also challenges the still complex measurement of the impact of nursing care on people. However, the more data we collect on care and its impact, the greater the possibilities will be of providing effective quality care.


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