In celebration of the 135 years of the Nursing School of Coimbra, the international congress “Quality Challenges in Education Institutions” will be held on October 20-21, 2016. Considering the relevance and topicality of this topic, we underline the key role of institutional assessment systems sustained in a culture of self-regulation, autonomy, accountability, and responsibility. The close connection and cooperation between higher and non-higher education institutions will strengthen networking, which will, in turn, facilitate the sharing of (national and international) knowledge and experiences to enhance these quality assessment systems.

On 19 October, the [Pre-Congress] Meeting “Social Responsibility in Education Institutions" will be organized by the Sectoral Committee for Education and Training (CS11) - Portuguese Institute for Quality in partnership with the ESEnfC.

We wish you all an excellent congress!

Attention: The registration for the Pre-Congress (October 19) and the Congress (October 20-21) are separate. When registering, please select the items where you wish to participate.

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