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In today’s society, new health problems emerge as a result of demographic changes, unhealthy lifestyles/behaviors, traffic and work accidents, and the high incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases, with significant individual, family, professional, social, and economic costs. There are also a large number of more or less prolonged hospitalizations, which lead to a low quality of life among a larger number of people with disabilities or special needs. The response in terms of health care will have to be an integrated approach, with a global vision of care throughout the life cycle, by placing the people at the center of decision-making and moving care progressively to the community.

In view of the above, and given the success of the 1st Congress held in 2014, the organization of the 2nd International Congress on Rehabilitation Nursing seems to be an important event for the development of nurses in general and rehabilitation nurses in particular. This Congress will be held under the theme “THE PERSON’S FUNCTION AND AUTONOMY: REHABILITATING IN TRANSITION PROCESSES THROUGHOUT THE LIFE CYCLE”, based on a diversity of technical and scientific knowledge, skills, and competences, along the various stages/phases of the life cycle in hospital and community settings.

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