2nd Evidence Implementation Training Program (EITP)




2nd Evidence Implementation Training Program (EITP)

Accredited by Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI)

The Portugal Centre for Evidence Based Practice (PCEBP) is a resource of the Development Strategic Axis for Science Synthesis and Implementation, one of the eight Strategic Development Axis of the Health Sciences Research Unit: Nursing (UICISA: E).

Development Strategic Axis for Science Synthesis and Implementation aims to develop evidence-based practice within the international collaborating centers network for the extraction, synthesis and implementation of science.

JBI’s education and training programs includes, among others, short courses and online courses. Regarding short courses, we highlight the Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program (CSRTP) and the Evidence-based Clinical Fellowship Program (EBCFP), both accredited and certified by the JBI.

The JBI Evidence Implementation Training Program (EITP) is an evidence-based, implementation program involving two five-day intensive training workshops and a workplace evidence implementation project over the intervening months.

The EITP provides clinicians, managers, policy makers and quality managers in healthcare with proven approaches to implementing evidence into practice. During the program participants will:

  • further develop their clinical leadership skills and strengths;
  • conduct clinical audits and engage in quality improvement processes;
  • become familiar with frameworks and software to get research into practice and to apply practically clinical evidence;
  • develop and execute strategies to implement evidence-based practice in their own work environment.

The EITP empowers healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes by equipping them with skills and knowledge to implement evidence into practice.

Registration and informations:

The ESEnfC informs that photographs and/or video will be taken at this event for academic activity reporting purposes.

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