Postgraduate Specialization Degree in Community Nursing

Type of Degree

Community Nursing
One of the purposes of this Post-Licentiate Course is to help the individual, the family and the community in the promotion and maintenance of health, the treatment of the disease and/or social reintegration, mobilizing the available resources. The nurse should be able to plan, execute and evaluate projects of intervention in the community, aiming at the promotion of healthy lifestyles. 

Course Units Scientific Area Type Total hours T Hours TP Hours LP Hours S Hours CP/TG Hours TG Hours ECTS

T - Theoretical Classes; TP - Theoretical-Practical Classes; PL - Practical and Laboratorial Classes;
S - Seminar; CP/FW - Clinical Practice/Fieldwork; TG - Tutorial Guidance

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1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester