Campus B Laboratories


The Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) has several modern laboratories in two campuses (Campus A and B) that are equipped with innovative learning technologies for students to develop technical and non-technical skills throughout their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The Laboratories are practical rooms which allow students to simulate a wide variety of clinical scenarios and further develop their technical skills before the direct contact with the patients.

The Laboratories are also spaces for research and development of innovative methods of care delivery and teaching strategies.



Campus B

In Campus B, the laboratories are spread across several floors. These laboratories are designed to develop skills in the following areas: General Care Nursing, Maternal Health and Obstetric Nursing, Child Health Nursing and Pediatrics, Geriatric Nursing and Geriatrics, Rehabilitation Nursing, and practice of activities of daily living.    

On the 3rd floor of Campus B, the laboratories are equipped with identical equipment to those found in hospitals and are organized in two different work areas, with two different tile colors.

In the foyer, there are several support materials for the theoretical, theoretical-practical, and laboratory classes such as manikins and simulators.