Maternal and Child Nursing Laboratory

The Maternal and Child Nursing Laboratory (also called Laboratory Nurse Maria da Cruz Repenicado Dias) is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment for teaching, providing huge gains in terms of the scientific and technical preparation of the students.

The new equipment makes it possible to practice various techniques and procedures, and, above all, a greater interaction between the teacher and the student and of these both with the settings. 

Among these new equipments, there is a doll/manikin (called Noelle) to simulate different types of deliveries and the vital signs of the mother and the child during the delivery and in case of obstetric risk.

The laboratory has an incubator, a reanimation table and an obstetric delivery table identical to those used in hospital setting. Therefore, students acquire knowledge on how to use these materials and on the practices that they will have to perform in real life.

For the virtual tour, click on the image and drag the mouse.