Social Action


The Social Action Service, integrated in the UDASSEST (article 67 of the ESEnfC statutes), complies with a specific regulation regarding the granting of social support and scholarships for students. Taking on the public responsibility of promoting social equality and an inclusive society, it aims to improve the learning conditions for all who use the social support system for students.

This service offers social support consultations, support to higher education applications, support and management of applications for study, housing and nutrition scholarship, support to economically challenged students, and home visits in socioeconomic problem situations or confirmation of social elements. The service also participates actively in the Solidarity Fund project, which aims to support economically challenged higher education students in the pursuit of their studies.




Professor Teresa Silva

Professor José Hermínio




Mafalda Vale



Social Assistence Opening Hours:








Campus A

9 am - 1 pm


2 pm - 5 pm


9 am - 1 pm

2 pm - 5 pm


9 am - 1 pm

2 pm - 5 pm

Campus B


9 am - 1 pm

2 pm - 5 pm


9 am - 1 pm

2 pm - 5 pm




Preferred contact (email) -

ESEnfC - 239 487 200 | 239 802 850 - extension 1080 (Campus B) and extension 2035 (Campus A)




Scholarships are cofunded by the European Social Fund and the Portuguese Government within the scope of the Operational Programme for Social Integration and Employment (POISE)|Portugal 2020.

The Social Action Service of the ESEnfC awards scholarships to economically challenged students.


Application dates are posted every year. Stay tuned! Check the Public Higher Education Scholarship Regulations before applying (Order no. 5404/2017 (2nd series).

Approved by Order no. 5404/2017 (2nd series), which amends the Order no. 7031-B/2015 (2nd series), of 24 June, the Order no. 8442-A/2012 (2nd series), of 22 June, rectified by the Rectification Statement no. 1051/2012 (2nd series), of 14 August , amended by the Orders no. 627/2014 (2nd series), of 14 January, no. 10973-D/2014 (2nd series), of 27 August.


Scholarship and Social Support Regulation for ESEnfC students (see document) 


Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application for the academic year 2019/2020 (Notice)


Information | Housing supporting documents

We hereby inform that, according to the new guidelines issued by the Directorate General of Health (DGS), the displaced grant-holding students, who are housed in the ESEnfC dormitory, or have applied to the dormitory and are on the waiting list, must deliver, from now on, the supporting document of the housing fee payment every month. Otherwise, the monetary supplement will not be paid.



Acção Social Escolar - Bolsas






The Nursing School of Coimbra has a higher education access office, and it is open all year round. Higher education students can make their application or request information in the Campus A of the ESEnfC.

This office provides information and support in applications, establishes the contact with the Directorate General of Higher Education to send and request information, and refers application processes of contingents and special access to the Directorate General of Higher Education.





The purpose of the Solidarity Fund project is "To exist so that no one quits" («Existir para ninguém desistir»). It is a partnership between several entities of Coimbra, particularly the Nursing School fo Coimbra (ESEnfC), represented by the Student Ombudsperson and the Social Worker. This partnership allows assisting the student in the planning and construction of a promising journey and, above all, in achieving stability and sustentability, trusting that the student will profit from this unique support.

This project, coordinated by the University Institute Justiça e Paz, aims to support economically challenged higher education students in the pursuit of their studies. It also seeks to alert and encourage the community and the general population towards this issue, advocating equal academic access and success opportunities and aiming at school dropout prevention.





The Action Social Service of the ESEnfC aims to respond to unique situations resulting from contingencies or socioeconomic difficulties that impact negatively on the normal school performance of the student, within the scope of housing and nutrition support, that can not be conveniently solved with the supplements defined by the Social Action for Higher Education system.