General Board

The General Board is composed of 25 members (14 representatives of the teachers and/or researchers; 3 representatives of the students; 1 representative of the non-teaching staff; and 7 external personalities of recognised merit, who do not belong to the School but with relevant knowledge and experience for the institution). This body elects the president of the School and, under his/her supervision, approves the institution's general guidelines for the scientific, pedagogical, financial and patrimonial areas.

Some of the competences of the General Board are: to elect the president; to evaluate the actions of the President of the School and the Management Board; and to propose the initiatives considered necessary so that the institution functions well. When proposed by the President of the School, the Board will, for example, approve the budget proposal and the annual consolidated accounts, establish the tuition fees for students, and approve the action plan for the four-year period of the term of office of the President of the ESEnfC.

Representatives of the teaching staff: Adriana Raquel Neves Coelho, Alberto José Barata Gonçalves Cavaleiro, Carlos Alberto Marques da Silva, Cristina Maria Figueira Veríssimo, Elizabete Pinheiro Alves Mendes Fonseca, João Luís Alves Apóstolo, José Carlos Pereira dos Santos, Manuel Augusto Duarte Mariz, Maria da Conceição Saraiva da Silva Costa Bento, Maria de Lurdes Ferreira de Almeida, Maria de Lurdes Lopes de Freitas Lomba, Paulo Joaquim Pina Queirós, Pedro Miguel dos Santos Dinis Parreira and Rosa Maria dos Santos Moreira.  

Representative of the students: Ariana Jorge Oliveira Rodrigues Carvalho Pereira, Bernardo Henrique de Freitas Marinho and Tomás Augusto Madeira Alves.

Representative of the non-teaching staff: Cristina da Costa Louçano.

External personalities: Afaf Ibrahim Meleis, Áurea da Cruz Flamino Andrade, Catarina Isabel Neno Resende de Oliveira (president) Maria Augusta Purificação Rodrigues de Sousa, Maria Odete dos Santos Isabel, Paulo Jorge Marques dos Santos and Rosa Maria dos Reis Marques Furtado de Oliveira.