Observatory of Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions [ORSIES]

The Observatory of Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions (ORSIES) is a collaborative network aimed at fostering the social dimension of Higher Education Institutions and promote the exchange of experiences on Social Responsibility policies and practices.

ORSIES, created by Fórum Estudante in partnership with the State Secretariat for Higher Education and Higher Education Institutions, aims to:
1. Strengthen the awareness and civic action of the HEI's educational community regarding Social Responsibility;
2. Develop shared everyday actions with a solid social impact of Social Responsibility on HEIs;
3. Share methodologies, instruments, and good practices;
4. Develop research-action initiatives on Social Responsibility that add value through knowledge;
5. Implement diagnostics and national and international benchmarking to create and develop new SR strategies;
6. Mobilize other national and local community stakeholders for cooperation with HEIs for Social Responsibility.

On 14 December 2016, the National Meeting on Social Responsibility and Higher Education was held at the Thalia Theatre in Lisbon, attended by about 150 representatives of Universities and Polytechnics from all over the country. In this event, the challenge of creating a collaborative network of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) was launched, with the support of the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education (SECTES): the Observatory of Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions (ORSIES).
In February 2017, the ESEnfC joined this network, being one of the 28 founding members of ORSIES and represented by Professors Aida Mendes, Ana Paula Monteiro, Maria do Céu Carrageta, Marina Montezuma Vaquinhas, Paulo Alexandre Ferreira, and Teresa Silva.

Green book of social responsibility

website: www.orsies.forum.pt


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ORSIES certificate declaring the environmental volunteering initiative Mondego Limpo tem Mais Encanto as an inspiring practice of social responsibility.

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