Technical-Scientific Board


Regulation of the Technical-Scientific Board (link)

1 - The Technical-Scientific Board is composed of a maximum of 25 members as follows:

  1. a) 23 elected members from among the following positions:
  2. i) Career faculty;
  3. ii) Equivalent to full-time faculty with a contract with the School for more than 10 years in that category;

iii) Full-time Ph.D. faculty with a contract of at least one year, regardless of the nature of their  employment status at the institution; Faculty with the title of specialist not covered by the previous points, with a full-time employment contract with the School for more than two years.

  1. b) Two representatives of the Research Unit elected in accordance with the regulation of the Research Unit from among the Ph.D. researchers who are both members of the scientific board of the Research Unit and ESEnfC career faculty members.

2 - Under proposal of the President of the Technical-Scientific Board and depending on the matters to be discussed, other ESEnfC faculty members may be invited to participate in the meeting, without a right to vote, as well as other faculty or research members from other institutions or individuals of recognized standing for the School’s mission.   

The Technical-Scientific Board (2019-2024 term) consists of the following members:

Alfredo Cruz Lourenço, Ph.D.

Amélia Filomena de Oliveira Mendes Castilho, Ph.D.

Ana Maria Pacheco Mendes Perdigão Costa Gonçalves, Master

Ana Maria Poço dos Santos, Master

Ana Paula Forte Camarneiro, Ph.D.

Armando Manuel Marques Silva, Ph.D.

Arménio Guardado Cruz, Ph.D.

Cândida Rosalinda Exposto da Costa Loureiro, Ph.D.

Carlos Manuel de Melo Dias, Ph.D.

Dulce Maria Pereira Garcia Galvão, Ph.D.

Elisabete Pinheiro Alves Mendes Fonseca, Ph.D.

Irma da Silva Brito, Ph.D.

Isabel Margarida Marques Monteiro Dias Mendes, Ph.D.

Isabel Maria Pinheiro Borges Moreira, Ph.D.

Jorge Manuel Amado Apóstolo, Ph.D.

Manuel Carlos Rodrigues Fernandes Chaves, Ph.D.

Margarida Alexandra Nunes Carramanho Gomes Martins Moreira da Silva, Ph.D.

Maria Clara Amado Apóstolo Ventura, Ph.D.

Maria da Nazaré Ribeiro Cerejo, Master

Maria de Lurdes Ferreira de Almeida, Ph.D.

Maria Isabel Domingues Fernandes, Ph.D.

Paulo Joaquim Pina Queirós, Ph.D. - President

Rui Filipe Lopes Gonçalves, Ph.D.

Susana Filomena Cardoso Duarte, Ph.D.

Verónica Rita Dias Coutinho, Ph.D.