The Latin American Association of Schools and Colleges of Nursing (ALADEFE) is an international, non-governmental, democratic, inclusive and non-profit organisation. It is composed of Schools and Colleges of Nursing, Associations or other collegiate institutions, whose purpose is to help develop discipline and higher education in nursing.

The objectives of ALADEFE are as follows:
A. To encourage associates to implement guiding policies arising from the Association in nursing education;
B. To promote internal and external accreditation processes for the quality assurance of academic programs;
C. To stimulate the adoption of scientific and technical cooperation agreements between higher education institutions and similar organizations;
D. To define research priorities within the nursing education domain;
E. To stimulate scientific production and dissemination, as well as the production of supporting material for teaching and research in nursing;
F. To reinforce broadcast and communication media among the Association members;
G. To boost innovative educational models for undergraduate and postgraduate training in nursing;
H. To promote and support the training and qualification of teachers and head teachers/presidents/rectors of associated Schools and Faculties;
I. To advise associates in matters relating to the development of the discipline and nursing education;
J. To acknowledge the contribution and commitment of people and institutions to the development of Nursing and its teaching;
K. To rule over the processes of membership and permanence in the Association, ensuring the academic quality of its affiliates.

At present, during the term 2011-2014, the presidency of the Executive Council of ALADEFE 2011-2014 is held by Professor Laura Morán Peña, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, National School of Nursing and Obstetrics, F.D., Mexico.

During the same period, the Vice-Presidency for Europe is the responsibility of Professor Maria da Conceição Saraiva da Silva Costa Bento, President of the Nursing School of Coimbra, Portugal.
The Deputy Vice-Presidency for Europe is the responsibility of Professor Julio Fernández Garrido, Dean of the Nursing School, University of Valencia– Spain.

One of the goals of the Vice-Presidency for Europe is to increase the number of member Schools and Faculties of the ALADEFE, both in Portugal and Spain, and drive the work conducted in the region, thus contributing to accomplish the Association’s mission and bring together the academic Nursing community in the Iberian Peninsula and promoting synergies between all for the development of Nursing teaching and research (work plan  PT  ES).

To achieve the goals set, we would like to count on all the Nursing Schools and Colleges of the Iberian Peninsula as members of the Association (see how to become a member). We shall wait for your membership proposal! Let Us Build More and Better Nursing Together!

Thank you,
Maria da Conceição Bento