Work-Family Balance

In order to achieve overall well-being, it is essential to maintain a balance between work and personal life, which includes family, friends, and leisure activities. The ESEnfC has implemented the Work/Family Balance Management System to improve the balance between work, family, and personal life and promote the well-being of its academic community.

In November 2021, the ESEnfC joined the Conciliation Pact and committed to implementing and certifying a Conciliation Management System (CMS) based on the Portuguese standard NP 4552:2016. This standard focuses on maintaining the balance between work, family, and personal life, which is a key objective of European gender equality policies.

The School’s CMS includes nine measures to achieve a balance between professional, family, and personal responsibilities. These measures are implemented through three areas of intervention:

  • Good Labor Practices (GLP): creation of work organization rules, procedures for managing meetings and digital communication, communication channels for conciliation, and a welcome guide;
  • Professional Support and Personal Development (PSPD): creation of a club for leisure activities and training in digital technologies and productivity management;
  • Services and Benefits (SB): Physical activity in the workplace (work gymnastics) and protocols with service providers.

This process involves the entire academic community. The ESEnfC is committed to promoting the well-being, quality of life, health, and happiness of all its members.


ESEnfC Commitment to the Work-Family Balance Policy