Pediatric Health Nursing Network: Portugal (ENSI Portugal)

This network is an articulation and technical cooperation strategy between institutions directly or indirectly linked to the training of nursing professionals. Its objective is to strengthen national health systems based on the assumption that the qualification of workers is crucial for implementing public policies that meet the health needs of the population in each member country.


  • To disseminate and share knowledge in the field of child health;
  • To identify problems, interests, and priorities in the practice and management of care and research;
  • To promote articulation between members to expand and strengthen their activities of care, teaching, research, and technical cooperation in the area of child health;
  • To foster the development of multicentric investigations among members;
  • To give visibility to the situation and trends in child health nursing;
  • To identify priorities for transformation and development;
  • To share methodologies and technological resources aimed at care, management, teaching, and research activities;
  • To implement specific actions to promote child health.


Target audience

  • Nurses with a special call towards pediatric care;
  • Other nurses, nursing students, and other health professionals;
  • General population, specifically people who care for children





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