SPU Medical-Surgical Nursing

The Scientific-Pedagogical Unit of Medical-Surgical Nursing (UCPEMC) is organized according to the domains of Nursing knowledge. Working within the mission established by the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC), the unit is responsible for operational, scientific, pedagogical, and research coordination, as well as ensuring the continuity and quality of its faculty in the areas of teaching, research, technical and curricular development, creation and dissemination of knowledge, and delivery of community services, in each of its domains.

The UCPEMC mission is:

  • To provide 1st- and 2nd-cycle nursing educational programs and postgraduate programs not leading to a degree;
  • To carry out research and innovation projects, inside and outside the ESEnfC.
  • To provide services to the community, creating and promoting a culture that supports nursing both as a science and a profession.

Seventeen faculty members compose the UCPEMC, 14 with PhD degrees and three with master’s degrees, all specialists in Medical-Surgical Nursing, who work alongside approximately ten guest assistant professors who support the various faculty teams. The UCPEMC is recognized by the high-quality education that it provides, demonstrated by both the large number of candidates that apply to its educational programs and the great and continuous demand for ESEnfC graduated nurses by national and international employers.

A coordinator and a deputy coordinator ensure the management of the UCPEMC.

Coordinator - Maria Isabel Domingues Fernandes