Presentation of the School



The ESEnfC is a result from the merger of the Nursing School Dr. Ângelo da Fonseca (established in 1881) and the Nursing School Bissaya Barreto (established in 1971).





The ESEnfC is a nationally and internationally recognized public institution, a pioneer in nursing education in Portugal with certified quality and social responsibility, committed to promoting global health and sustainable development.


This School is committed to the comprehensive education of nurses and teaching in health, research and innovation, service provision, and creation and dissemination of culture, which support the development of Nursing as a science and profession.





Humanism - The School bases its action on the respect for the dignity of the human being and the freedom of thought, assigning responsibility to all the participants in the educational process and promoting the valuation, the creativity and the solidarity in the construction of a learner institution.

Citizenship The School also aims at the overall training of citizens according to the principles of equality, fairness, solidarity, inclusion, and democratic participation.


Freedom - The School promotes the freedom of cultural, scientific, technical and artistic creation, guaranteeing the freedom of expression and the plurality of ideas and opinions.


Excellence - The School develops training, research, innovation, and services based on high quality criteria and accountability for continuous improvement.


Cooperation - The School promote internal and external collaboratioo, networking, and solidarity action.


Ethics - The School commits to respecting basic ethical principles and deontological norms in its activities.


Social Responsibility - The School is aware of the impact of its activity on the community (people and environment) and the sustainability of the planet, acting to minimize adverse effects and enhance positive transformational results.



VISION for 2030


The ESEnfC is a university institution recognized and accredited as one of the best nursing schools in the world, distinguished by the quality of its teaching, research, and extension activities and the interprofessional articulation.

The ESEnfC educational community is a leader in the advances of nursing knowledge, implementing its results for the health and well-being of populations, and training nurses capable of influencing health and education policies.



The ESEnfC has three buildings: Campus A is located in the parish of Santo António dos Olivais in Coimbra, on the right bank of the Mondego River, next to the University of Coimbra Hospitals (which are part of the CHUC – Coimbra Hospital and University Centre); Campus B is located in the parish of S. Martinho do Bispo, on the left bank of the Mondego River, next to the General Hospital of the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (also known as Hospital dos Covões); and Campus C, also in the parish of Santo António dos Olivais, Rua Dr. José Alberto Reis.




Commitment to the Quality Policy

Commitment to the Work/Family Conciliation Policy


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