SPU Elderly Nursing

The Scientific-Pedagogical Unit of Elderly Nursing (UCP-EI) seeks to pursue the mission and purposes of the ESEnfC. In its area of knowledge and coordinated with the President of the School and the Scientific Technical Board, the UCP-EI is responsible for operational, scientific, pedagogical, and research coordination, as well as for ensuring the continuity and quality of its faculty members’ contribution to teaching, research, technical and curricular development, knowledge production and dissemination, and community services provision.

The UCP-EI’s specific mission is to further nurses’ education at different academic levels. It aims to provide nurses with specific and practical skills (characterized by ethically informed know-how) that allow them to care for older adults as part of families and communities, respecting the integrity and centrality of care, identifying responses in the biological, psychological, socio-cultural and spiritual dimensions, stimulating self-care, self-determination, and independence, and aiming at older adults’ maintenance of capacities and quality of life. Also, recognizing the older adult as part of a family and community implies caring for the family and intervening in the community to raise people’s awareness of aging as an essential part of the life cycle.