Recognition of foreign training

All nurses with a higher education diploma issued from the country in which it was obtained may require the recognition of their academic degree in Portugal, following the current legislation. For more detailed information, go to

The Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) accepts applications for Specific Recognition.

To obtain specific recognition, you must submit an online form on the website of the Directorate General of Higher Education ( the Nursing School of Coimbra. You must also submit the following documents:

- A copy of the diploma in nursing or an equivalent document issued by the University that granted it as proof of ownership of the degree or diploma for which recognition is requested, authenticated by the competent authorities (with the affixing of the Hague Apostille or authenticated by the official services of education of the country of origin);

- A copy of a document issued by the University where the course was completed in, containing the registration number of the degree or diploma, if the University keeps centralized records subject to public consultation through unique identifier;

- A diploma or certificate issued by the University where the course was completed in, in its original version, as proof of ownership of the degree or diploma for which recognition is requested;

- A document, issued by the foreign higher education institution, including the curricular units in which the applicant has obtained a pass and which led to the obtaining of the degree or diploma submitted for recognition, as well as their programmatic contents, the duration of the studies corresponding to the degree, and its final grade;

- The academic and professional curriculum can also be submitted if considered important in cases of applicants with additional and postgraduate training, and professional experience.

After the submission of documentation, the ESEnfC will require a fee of 250 euros for the case analysis. This analysis is conducted by a recognition committee. A further period of training is usually required for graduates of Brazilian universities, depending on the documentation of each request. Should this be the case, in order to complement their training, applicants will be expected to attend some courses in this school. These will be subsequently indicated, as well as their schedule, and applicants must pay a fee for each ECTS.

There is still another possibility for holders of a higher education diploma in nursing to obtain a degree at the Nursing School of Coimbra, which is the application to the International Student Competition.

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