Under the responsibility of the president of the Nursing School of Coimbra, the Bulletin “Memo” conveys the School’s opinion and shows to the public the activities and projects developed within the institution and in collaboration with partner entities. The national and international studies, theses and research studies developed by our teaching staff are included in this Bulletin, as well as the initiatives developed by the students.

Edição No. 12 [June/2015 - November/2015]

Edição No. 11 [November/2014 - May/2015]

Edition No. 10 [2013-2014]

Edition No. 9 [2013]

Edition No. 8 [September/2012 - January/2013]

Edition No. 7 [December/2011 - July/2012]

Edition No. 6 [April-October/2011]

Edition No. 5 [April/2010 - March/2011]

Edition No. 4 [April/2009 - March/2010]

Edition No. 3 [June/2008 - April/2009]

Edition No. 2 [May/2008]

Edition No. 1 [October/2007]

Edition No. 0 [April/2007]