Get to know the residence

The student dormitory of the Nursing School of Coimbra offers students, particularly grant-holder students, adequate housing and helps them in their integration into the academic environment.

The dormitory is located on Rua José Alberto Reis and has a total of 168 vacancies. The building has four floors and is divided in nine wings. Each wing has a fully equipped kitchen, where students can prepare light meals. Equipment includes a telephone, a fridge, a microwave, a sink, a glass-ceramic stove, some cooking utensils and two small cupboards for each room. Each wing has a laundry room equipped with traditional washtubs, a washing machine, a drying machine, a clothesline, a flat iron and an ironing-board.

There are double and triple rooms, as well as a living room, a computer room, equipped with 20 computers, printers and a copying machine. The rooms have a TV antenna and a network socket. Wireless internet access is also available.

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Application process

Requests for accommodation are valid only for the respective academic year.

Students are required to fill in an application form available at the Pasta Académica (students' private area). Please check the deadlines. Priority will be given to bursary students and those who are away from home.

If students fail to pass the year or their family household changes, they may lose their scholarship. Under those circumstances, students may lose the right to accommodation if there are insufficient vacancies.


Application for Accommodation

You can submit your application in three moments:

  • 1st phase – during June for the following academic year;
  • 2nd phase – between July 1st and September 30th
  • 3rd phase – between October 1st and the end of the academic year


Application for Accomodation Form for 2021/2022 academic year (pdf)

Notice for Accomodation Application for 2021/2022 academic year - 2ª nd phase (pdf)


Check the price list here.