Continuous training

The Nursing School of Coimbra promotes continuous training courses aimed at health professionals who wish to update knowledge and improve professional performance.

Without conferring an academic degree, this training is organized and delivered at the ESEnfC through applications to programs funded by the European Union.

The ESEnfC also organizes specific training courses, especially designed to their collaborators with the purpose of increasing their qualifications and improving the services.

With these continuous training programs, the ESEnfC follows through on its commitment to lifelong education integrated into its mission, thus contributing towards the personal and professional development of all those connected to ESEnfC, namely its former students.

The ESEnfC is currently waiting for the possibility of applying to external funding and will present a new training portfolio as soon as it is available.

All those who are interested in participating in these courses must register in the online platform here.

Those who are already registered can sign in (using their login and password) and register in the intended course.

For more information, please contact

To receive updated information, please visit the website of ESEnfC. You can also subscribe to the institutional newsletter or like our Facebook profile.