UICISA: E Ethics Committee







UICISA: E strategic development axis for Ethics towards Horizon 2020





The Ethics Committee, formed in 2010,  has been assigned to oversee the compliance of ethics standards and procedures within the projects inside the Health Sciences Research Unit : Nursing as well as outside projects.

The EC consists of five members, including three outside members:

Profesor Doctor Filomena Botelho, President
Profesor Doctor José Carlos Martins, Vice-president
Profesor Doctor Rogerio Rodrigues
Profesor Doctor Margarida Abrantes
Nurse Doctor Sofia Nunes

To ask for the assessment to The Ethics Committee:

  • Acess the form and fill in electronically (handwrite your signature);
  • Scan the signed form and join the rest of the requested documents (pay attention to the order presented on the form). Send only 1 PDF document;
  • Send an email addressed to the EC President, with a formal solicitation, to cetica_uicisa@esenfc.pt with the pdf file.

The Ethics Committee meets monthly and assesses the requests received the month before.

Requests from outside the Nursing School of Coimbra must be forwarded to the President of the School (email esenfc@esenfc.pt) asking for authorization. The EC will be informed internally of the authorization and will process the assessment.

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