Office Scientific-Pedagogical Management Clinical Placements

The “Office of Scientific-Pedagogical Management of Clinical Placements” was created on 22 June 2010 within the scope of the Strategic Plan 2009-2013 and Activity Plan for 2010 of the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) - (Order n.º 11/2010).

The Office of Scientific-Pedagogical Coordination of Clinical Placements aims to accomplish the mission and purposes of the School. Thus, in close contact with the School’s president and technical-scientific and pedagogical boards, the Office is responsible for the operational, scientific, and pedagogical coordination of Clinical Placements. It is also responsible for ensuring the quality of the faculty’s intervention in the teaching-learning process and evaluation of students in clinical settings.

Regulation of Clinical Placements of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Regulation n.º 460/2014, October 20)

Team [Order 25/2019 - 1st amendment]

Adjunct Professor Maria do Céu Mestre Carrageta (Coordinates the Office)

Adjunct Professor Alberto José Barata Gonçalves Cavaleiro [Clinical Area of Health of the Elderly Nursing and Geriatrics]

Adjunct Professor Rosa Cristina Correia Lopes [Clinical Area of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing]

Adjunct Professor Rui Filipe Lopes Gonçalves [Clinical Area of Medical-Surgical and Rehabilitation Nursing]

Adjunct Professor Ana Maria Pacheco Mendes Perdigão da Costa Gonçalves [Clinical Area of Infant Health Nursing and Pediatrics]

Adjunct Professor Maria do Carmo Martins Fernandes [Clinical Placement of Fundamentals of Nursing]

Coordinating Professor Marília Maria Andrade Marques da Conceição e Neves [Clinical Area of Community and Family Health Nursing]

Adjunct Professor Rosa Maria Santos Moreira [Clinical Area of Maternal Health Nursing and Obstetrics]

The Office of Scientific-Pedagogical Management of Clinical Placements