1st International Colloquium Aging, Health and Citizenship


!st International Colloquiun Aging, Health and Citizenship

1st International Colloquium Aging, Health and Citizenship - Frailty in older people

Frailty leads to an increased risk for functional decline, contributes to the development of geriatric syndromes, and can be associated with cognitive decline and physical impairment. The prevalence of frailty is approximately 4 to 17% among community-dwelling older people. Frailty was identified as an emerging priority area which requires a multidisciplinary and integrated follow-up. The negative impact of this condition can be mitigated through interventions aimed to develop coping strategies, symptom management or reduction of the risk for disability and dependence. A systematic review published by a research group in the area of Elderly Health of the Health Sciences Research Unit/Nursing School of Coimbra revealed that one of the most effective interventions for reducing frailty or postponing its progression is group-based physical exercise. The benefits were also confirmed in relation to cognitive training and comprehensive treatment, which covers several components.

Therefore, in the 1st International Colloquium Aging, Health and Citizenship, participants will disseminate the results of their research studies which support evidence-informed interventions with the purpose of preventing or reducing the impact on frailty on older people. These results were produced within the scope of the following projects with European and Portuguese funding: FOCUS - Frailty management Optimisation through EIPAHA Commitments and Utilisation of Stakeholders input, ECOG - Avaliação da competência cognitiva em pessoas idosas: intervenção e capacitação para o auto-cuidado, and MIND&GAIT - Promoting independent living in frail older adults by improving cognition and gait ability and using assistive products

Informations and registrations:

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