InComing Student Integration Programme


Welcome to Nursing School fo Coimbra!


Incoming Student Integration Programme:


25th September:

10 am - Campus A Auditorium

Welcome by the IROffice team, Professor Pedro Sousa

10:15 to 12 am  -Campus A Auditorium

Welcome by the President of the ESEnfC, Professor António Salgueiro Amaral

ESEnfC Presentation

ESEnfC Pedagogical Council, Professor Hugo Leiria Neves

Responsible for clinical practice, Professor Pedro Sousa, Professor Aliete Cunha

14 pm to 16 pm - Maior room

Presentation of the ESN Association - Erasmus Student Network, President of ESN Pedro Almeida and AE ESEnfC

Collection of Erasmus documents

Handing out student cards and uniforms

16:30 pm - coffee break


26th September

10:00 am - Auditorium Campus B

A day with the Student Association of the Nursing School of Coimbra


27th September

14:30 to 17:30 pm - Maior room

Presentation of the "before you get Burned" Project

Professor Irma Brito, Professor Armando Silva and Professor Luís Paiva


28th September

1.3 room

Professor Helena Felizardo, Professor Vítor Parola

09:30 am - Portugalidade, Professor Suzana Duarte

10:30 Portuguese National Health Service (SNS), Professor Sílvia Silva


29th Septembe

Free day



More info:

If you have any doubt please contact: erasmus@esenfc.pt

Event with photography and video capture.

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