Number of consultations in the ESEnfC School Health Service increases by 38%


The School Health Service of the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) has its hands full. In approximately one month (from 16 March to 12 April, 2020), there were 375 nursing consultations, which represents an increase of 38% compared to the same period last year (233 consultations).


 Nurse Andreia Cristina with the School Health coordinators, Professors José Hermínio and Teresa Silva (stock photo)


According to the numbers revealed by the ESEnfC School Health Service, 75 were crisis support nursing consultations, a type of interventions focused on the feelings and emotions triggered by the crisis and their resolution through coping mechanisms (strategies to cope with situations of harm, threat, or pain). There were also 25 psychology consultations.

The activity of the ESEnfC School Health Service continues to run as recommended. It continues to offer the following nursing consultations: health vigilance, family planning, stress and anxiety management, health management, weight control, and acute situations, as well as support to international students and support in crisis situations (now associated with the COVID-19 pandemic).

The consultations are now remotely, in accordance with a guideline from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), using the digital technologies available.
In partnership with the health delegates of the residence areas, the ESEnfC School Health Service accompanied 48 students in passive surveillance (in line with the DGS guidelines), with none of them being infected by the novel coronavirus.

Although most of the consultations are remote, in-person nursing consultations can be scheduled (after assessment via teleconsultation) to take place at Campus C of the School.

The ESEnfC School Health Service also provided counselling to students who returned from the countries where they were on their Erasmus exchange programmes.



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