Postgraduate Degree in Wound Management

This program primarily aims to provide specialized professional training for differentiated functions.

The program aims to provide scientific, technical, human, and cultural training in advanced wound management, enabling providers to deliver a service of case management and continued support to individuals to improve their quality of life.


Objectives of the study cycle

This program aims to

  • Develop the area of specialized knowledge in nursing relevant to the quality of care in the field of prevention and treatment of people with wounds;
  • Critically analyze the results of evidence-based practice relevant to clinical intervention in the field of wound prevention and treatment;
  • Promote self-analysis oriented to problem-solving and clinical decision-making.


Skills to be acquired by students

The program provides specialized training in wound intervention, promoting a differentiated professional practice. Students will acquire specialized clinical skills in nursing care delivery suitable to the specific needs of the person with a wound and skills in the design, management, and supervision of care.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, students should, in the field of wound care (in problem-solving in new situations and nursing practice’s complex and multidisciplinary contexts):

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in advanced wound intervention;
  • Critically appraise situations for clinical decision-making;
  • Develop reflective and self-learning skills.


Course Units Scientific Area Type Total hours Hours T Hours TP Hours CW/FW Hours S/I Hours TG Hours AW ECTS

T - Theoretical | TP - Theoretical-Practical | CW/FW - Clinical Work / Fieldwork | S/I - Seminar / Internship | TG - Tutorial Guidance | AW - Autonomous Work

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1st Semester

2nd Semester