Application with the Brazilian Secondary Education Diploma and the ENEM - Check if you have the necessary grades to apply

The ESEnfC will accept applications from Brazilian students who have taken the ENEM in 2015 or in the previous civil years (2015, 2014 or 2013) and who have a secondary education diploma.


Exams and grades required


  • If the applicant has completed the secondary education in the Brazilian system and has taken the Exames Nacionais do Ensino Médio (ENEM), the following weighting is applied:

          Writing: 30%

         Mathematics and its Technologies – 35%

         Natural Sciences and its Technologies – 35%


The grades for admission must be expressed on a 0-200 scale.

The minimum admission score is 100.


Please check if your ENEM grades reach the minimum requirements to apply.

Attention: (RED * 30 + MAT * 35 + C NAT * 35)/100



- Writing: RED

- Mathematics and its Technologies: MAT

- Natural Sciences and its Technologies: C NAT


Convert your grade into the Portuguese grading scale


Convert into a 0-200 scale (Portuguese grading scale):

Final Grade = Grade* 200/1000

If this Final Grade is equal to or higher than 100, you can apply to the ESEnfC.

Attention: This final grade means that you have the minimum requirements to apply to our School and not that you will be automatically selected.



RED: 600

MAT: 500

C NAT: 750

Grade: (600*30+500*35+750*35)/100

         = 618

Formula of the Final Grade: 618*200/1000

                                 = 124

Final Grade = 124 (grade is enough for application)