Health Services



The School Health Services, mentioned in article 67 - School Social Services, of the statutes of the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC), and changed to Differentiated Unit of Social Action, School Health, and Occupational Health, in order to give more prominence to the unit's mission, in accordance to the Order 17-A of 30 April of 2014, has human and material resources, and technical autonomy to deliver healthcare to all the ESEnfC community, including teachers and staff, with permanent or temporary contract, and students of all degrees and courses provided by the School.


The Health School Service is health system model for the promotion of student health, and should be apt to contribute to the response to the needs of the educational community, within the scope of health promotion, disease prevention, resolution and referral of identified health problems, aiming at improving health and wellbeing. The service invests on a trusted relationship based on loyalty, competence and responsibility, and also values the delivery of the best and most adequate health, wellbeing and safety conditions.


Thus, the School Health Service aims to conduct the monitoring of the health of all the educational community, and be a space available for every student or ESEnfC employee in case of any doubt or question relating to their physical, psychological, and social health.




Professor Teresa Silva

Professor José Hermínio





Nurse Andreia Cristina



 Dr. Regina Belo 

 Dr. Ângela Santos Neves 


Online nursing consultations are preferred. To schedule a consultation, contact the School Health Office by e-mail or by phone 968 708 013 (eduring opening hours).


  • Monday - Thursday 09:00am-01:00pm/02:00pm-05:00pm (Campus C)
  • Friday 9:00am-01:00pm (Campus C)


Medical consultations are exclusively online. To schedule a consultation, contact the School Health Office by e-mail or by phone 968 708 013 (eduring opening hours).


When the office is closed or at night, during weekends and holidays, contact to schedule an appointment. If you need urgent help, call 808 24 24 24 - Linha SAÚDE24.  In case of emergency, please contact 112 INEM.



> The planned schedules may change due to unavoidable reasons.

> The nursing consultation begins 30 minutes after the starting time.

> For consultations for emergency situations, contact the Nurse during opening hours.



Preferred contact (email) -

Direct line - 968 708 013





Psychological support is focused on learning difficulties, speech disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography, dyscalculia), attention/focuss stimulation, study methods and techniques, time management, among others.

To schedule a consultation, send email to, indicating your student number, full name and contact information.