QAB - Composition

Composition (Art 61 - ESEnfC Statutes, 2008)

1 – The Board is composed of four teachers, one non-teaching staff member, two students and one assessment expert who are appointed by the General Board following a proposal from the President of the School, after consultation of the Technical-Scientific Board, the Pedagogical Board and the Student Association.
2 – The Board’s coordinator is appointed from among the teachers following a proposal from the President of the School, and he/she cannot preside over governmental bodies, coordinate teaching and scientific-pedagogical units or belong to any other of the management bodies of the ESEnfC.
3 – The Board has a four-year mandate, with the exception of the students’ mandate which is two years.
4 – The Board may also receive support from other assessment and/or quality experts and will receive the necessary technical/secretarial support to perform its tasks.

Representatives of the teaching staff:
- Maria Manuela Frederico Ferreira 
- Beatriz de Oliveira Xavier
- Carlos Manuel de Melo Dias 
- Cristina Maria Figueira Veríssimo

Representatives of the non-teaching staff:
- Carlos Miguel Mata Fernandes Beltrão

Representatives of the students:
- Ana Pedrosa Lopes
- Tiago Miguel Simões Fontes

Evaluation expert:
- Patrícia Helena Lopes de Moura e Sá, Assistant Professor with Aggregation at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra