Graduates around the world

It does not have to be seen as an inevitable fate, but it can be an interesting professional opportunity to Portuguese Nursing graduates. Please read below what some of your former colleagues from ESEnfC say about their success in a different country.


Nelson Filipe
Nurse in the Cambridge University Hospitals (United Kingdom)

I had the chance to work here in England with other colleagues from ESEnfC and from other Portuguese schools, both public and private. With all due respect for everyone, I must say that, generally, the colleagues from ESEnfC show knowledge and skills that make them stand out at the workplace. So, I’m extremely happy for having emigrated to England. It’s a country with fantastic opportunities in Nursing!!


Ana Rodrigues
Nurse in a private hospital of Mallorca (Spain)

To start working in a new hospital/unit, whether in Spain or in China, it’s almost like going back to the internship. Regardless of how much we know, how prepared we feel, we always need to invest, study, and learn even more. This is only possible if we have initiative and persistence! Today, I feel like a fish in the water working here. I overcame all the initial difficulties and I know that it is partially due to my training in ESEnfC! Here in Mallorca, being a Portuguese nurse is, generally, synonym of being a good nurse!



Joana Cavaco
Nurse in the Royal Brompton Hospital (United Kindgom)

Here, the quality of life, as well as the training and career opportunities, are nothing like those in Portugal. Here, they give you days off to study; they arrange and pay for the courses you want to take and encourage you to develop your career. There is still some staff shortage, there is room for everyone and every professional is welcomed with open arms! I feel that here, it is the employers who need us, and not the other way around.