International Student - Tuition Fees and Other Costs

Here you can find the tuition fees and other costs applicable to international students in 2022.



Price (Euros)


70 EUR

Tuition fee

5500 EUR

(550 EURX10 months*)


Enrolment fee

25 EUR

*The tuition fee is paid in 10 monthly installments.

The tuition fee (academic fee) allows a 50% reduction in accommodation prices at the ESEnfC Student Residence, during the annual period of its operation (only in double rooms with shared WC).


In the case of part-time students, this reduction in accommodation will only be in the number of months equivalent to the number of ECTS in which you are registered (for every 6 ECTS you will be entitled to 1 month of free accommodation). This period of accommodation included must be continuous.

The enrolment and registration are only confirmed after a single payment corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the tuition fee (3 monthly instalments), plus the amount of the enrolment and registration fee.

The remaining 7 monthly instalments can be paid at once or until the last month to which they correspond, being subject to interest rates in the case of failure to pay in due time; the 4th monthly instalment is paid in September, the 5th in October and so forth until the 10th monthly instalment, paid in March, or in the relevant month if the start of the study period did not occur in September.

If the student drops out, he/she is only exempt from the payment of the instalments due in the following month.