Live and study in Coimbra


“City of Students” or “City of Knowledge” are expressions commonly used to refer to Coimbra, which is the home of the first Portuguese university and one of the oldest in Europe (1290). Today the university continues to be one of the city’s main landmarks.

Coimbra is a lively city located in the central region of Portugal. In May, during the highest moment of academic festivities - the Queima das Fitas -, the students wear traditional academic attire and the streets become colourful, attracting the attention of relatives, residents and foreigners.

Coimbra is also called the Health Capital of Portugal. This city has one of the biggest campus of health care provision in Europe, with the Health Sciences Campus of the University of Coimbra, the Coimbra University Hospitals, the Coimbra Paediatric Hospital, the Portuguese Oncology Institute, and the National Institute of Legal Medicine.

Beautiful and peaceful, Coimbra is located on the banks of the river Mondego. Its narrow streets, monuments and historical treasures offer an unparalleled beauty and cultural richness and make it a wonderful holiday destination.




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