Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) a public and free-of-charge institution?

The Nursing School of Coimbra is a public institution. However, as in many other countries, despite being a public institution, the studies are not free-of-charge and students must pay tuitions to attend the courses. The Portuguese Government funds the studies of students coming from Portugal or other EU Member State. Under Decree-Law No. 36/2014 of 10 March, international students do not benefit from this support. Therefore, international students pay different tuition fees.


2. Are the programs offered by the Nursing School of Coimbra recognized worldwide?

The 1st cycle programs (Licenciatura) of the Nursing School of Coimbra are recognized and valued in most countries. In Europe, the programs offered by the School are recognized as one of the best nursing programs. At present, the UK healthcare institutions give preference to professionals graduating from this School. Most countries in the Middle East and Asia recognize the excellent training quality of our School, so applicants have only to master the official language of the country they are applying for. Most countries in America also recognize the training provided here.

In some countries, it may be necessary to provide evidence of specific requirements for recognition of diplomas. To work in Brazil, you have to apply for training recognition to a Brazilian University (please visit the web page of the Brazilian Ministry of Education regarding diploma validation procedures). The School expects to establish soon the conditions for recognition of qualifications with several Brazilian Universities. We are currently offering a double degree program with the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

This level of studies provides students with basic scientific knowledge, as well as instrumental and systemic skills relevant for their immediate employability or continuation of higher education studies, specifically Master’s Degrees (2nd cycle).


3. Is it possible to spend a period of the Nursing Degree of the Nursing School of Coimbra in another university?

The Nursing School of Coimbra, as the largest nursing school in Portugal, has established partnerships with around 80 universities of 21 European countries, 30 universities in Brazil, and universities in Latin America, the United States, Portuguese-speaking African countries, as well as with the Macao Polytechnic Institute (please check our cooperation agreements here).

It is possible to organize international mobility study periods for a semester or a school year with all of the abovementioned institutions. International students have to pay for their travel and accommodation.

Brazilian students enrolled in the ESEnfC who wish to attend some semesters in a Brazilian university may do so in universities with a protocol with our School.


4. Why did the Nursing School of Coimbra adopt the ENEM?

The Nursing School of Coimbra adopted the National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM) to select Brazilian students applying for undergraduate degrees and prevent them from having to take new exams in Portugal to access our higher education system.

Therefore, the ESEnfC analyzes and selects the Brazilian applicants taking into account their ENEM grades and the required grades (grade higher than 500 in the final weighting - Writing 30% + Mathematics and its Technologies: 35% + Natural Sciences and its Technologies: 35%).


5. Who can apply using the ENEM?

All Brazilian students who have successfully completed Brazilian secondary education and are not Portuguese nationals or EU nationals can apply to ESEnfC using the ENEM. The eligible ENEM scores are those obtained in the previous four years.

For further information about the prerequisites, please click here.


6. Is there any other way to apply?

Brazilian students enrolled in an undergraduate nursing degree in Brazil or those who have completed an undergraduate nursing degree can also apply as international students. Students from other countries who have completed the requirements for access to higher education in their countries of origin can also apply as international students, as well as students who have taken the exams for admission to higher education in Portugal and who are not Portuguese nationals or EU nationals.


7. Is the adoption of ENEM linked to scholarships?

The Nursing School of Coimbra adopted the ENEM so that Brazilian students would not have to take new exams to access the Portuguese higher education system.

The use of ENEM scores is not associated with scholarships or with any other type of support for studies. Therefore, the selected students should expect to pay the full cost of attendance and the living expenses during their period of studies in Coimbra.


8. Which document should I submit when applying to the Nursing School of Coimbra if I don’t have a passport?

Brazilian applicants can use their identity card in their application.


9. Which documents should I submit when applying with the ENEM?

Brazilian applicants must submit the following documents to the ESEnfC:

• Statement by the applicant declaring that he/she meets the pre-requisites and that he/she is not Portuguese or covered by any of the conditions that prevent him/her from applying.

• Statement by the applicant with the ENEM scores or a print screen with those scores.

• Document certifying the completion of secondary education.

• Photocopy of the applicant ID card or passport.


10. Where can I find the declarations to attach to my application?

You can find the model declaration forms online (click here). Download and fill them in with the required information and upload them to your application process in the online application system.


11. What are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd calls for application?

There are three deadlines for application to the Nursing School of Coimbra. The 1st call is the 1st phase of application. Unfilled vacancies in the 1st call are made available for a 2nd call, i.e., the 2nd phase of application. Unfilled vacancies are made available for a 3rd phase of application.

Each application is an independent process that costs 70EUR (seventy euros).


12. Must I go to Coimbra to enroll?

The application and enrolment process is online (if you are selected through the selective process). All the information and documents must be submitted online.

The selected applicants only need to be in Coimbra for the beginning of the academic year to deliver the required documents.


13. When does the academic year begin at the Nursing School of Coimbra?

The academic year begins in September and ends in July.

The 1st semester starts in mid-September and ends in mid-February. The 2nd semester starts in mid-February and ends in mid-July (please check the academic calendar here).

There are three (3) holiday periods: Christmas, Easter, and Summer (full month of August).


 14. How much does the ESEnfC Student Residence cost?

International students admitted to the Undergraduate Nursing Degree at the Nursing School of Coimbra receive a 50% discount on accommodation fees at the ESEnfC Student Residence during its annual operation period. The discount applies only to double rooms with shared bathrooms (click here to learn more about the ESEnfC Residence).

Part-time students will only receive a reduction in accommodation for the number of months equal to the number of ECTS they are enrolled in (6 ECTS equals one month of accommodation with a 50% discount). The accommodation period must be continuous.



15. Is the payment of 30% of the annuity done every school year?

In the 1st year, enrolment and registration are only confirmed after a single payment corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the tuition fee (3 monthly instalments), plus the registration fee. The remaining 7 monthly instalments can be paid at once or until the last month to which they correspond, being subject to interest rates in the case of late payment; the 4th monthly instalment is paid in September, the 5th in October and so forth until the 10th monthly instalment that is paid in March.

In the following years of the degree, the tuition fee can be paid at once (5,500EUR) or in 10th monthly instalments of 550EUR.

This annual fee includes accommodation in the ESEnfC Student Residence in double or triple room with shared bathroom (check the conditions).


16. How can you pay for tuition fees at ESEnfC?

The cost of attending ESEnfC is €550 per month or €5,500 per year. Payments can be made using the available payment methods, such as bank transfer or cash.


17. How do I re-validate the diploma from the Nursing School of Coimbra in Brazil?

For more information about diploma validation procedures, please visit the website of the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC).


18. Other doubts and requests for clarification

Please send an email to