To promote volunteering as one of the pillars of the School’s social responsibility;

To promote, support and encourage volunteering initiatives at the School and in the community to share resources, knowledge and good practices;

To promote the creation of projects in the social/health/scientific/educational/cultural/cultural/environmental/sports/leisure/animal well-being areas to address problems identified in the community;

To carry out annual training in the area of volunteering for the acquisition of skills for volunteering interventions in different contexts;

To promote awareness actions about volunteering among students from different levels of education and organizations that promote volunteering;

To disseminate volunteering projects and opportunities in Portugal or abroad;

To establish partnerships with national and international organizations linked to volunteering;

To develop and collaborate in national/international studies on volunteering;

To organize and host at the School scientific/training events in the area of volunteering and citizenship;

To promote volunteering during the welcoming period for the intergration of 1st -year students at the School;

To cooperate with the School’s Scientific-Pedagogical and Differentiated Units in the promotion and development of volunteering initiatives.