To access Webmail you must use the following link: Webmail


Student’s Email:

The students of the Nursing School of Coimbra will have an email address which will be used for all communications between the School’s services and the students. This email address may also be used for other purposes.
The email address will be:

    a(student number)@esenfc.pt
    Example: a99990000@esenfc.pt

Access instructions:

  • access the webpage http://www.esenfc.pt
  • click on the menu option Webmail
  • click on the link Webmail
  • as username type a(student number) - Example: a99990000
  • at password type your password

If you want to forward the messages received in this account to another email address, please contact si@esenfc.pt providing your ID and the email address where the messages are to be forwarded to.