The Wireless network is available to all ESEnfC students, faculty and non-teaching staff, as well as external entities/visitors.


The use of the eduroam wireless network and the services provided must be governed by the following terms:

1. The management of the network infrastructure is the responsibility of ESEnfC's IT Services, which keep online all information relating to the modes of use and access to it.

2. ESEnfC's eduroam wireless network can be used by:

    -Students and Employees (Teachers and Non-Teachers) of ESEnfC;

    - Visitors from national and international educational institutions that join the eduroam projec;

3. Apply to ESEnfC's e-U / eduroam wireless network as Good Practices and RCTS Usage Rules defined by FCCN.

4.Users of ESEnfC's eduroam wireless network cannot, under any pretext, transmit their security data (user code and password) to third parties, under penalty of being held liable for acts of improper use of resources.

It is expressly forbidden to install Wireless Access Points at the various ESEnfC Hubs without prior notice and authorization from the Institution.



www.eduroam.pt - FCCN

www.eduroam.org - GÉANT Association