National Mobility Programmes

VASCO da GAMA Programme

The Vasco da Gama Programme is a student mobility programme between Polytechnic Higher Education schools created by the Coordinating Council of Polytechnic Higher Education Institutes - CCISP.

Student exchanges under the programme require a prior agreement between the home institution (ESEnfC) and the host institution, signed by the respective heads. Student mobility also covers internships, end-of-course work or final projects, as long as these activities are part of the course syllabus at the ESEnfC.

Students applying for the programme can undertake a period of study or internship mobility for one semester or one academic year.

Students may not apply simultaneously for Vasco da Gama mobility and the ERASMUS programme in the same academic year.

Application deadlines

The application deadline is 20 April (for the 1st semester/year) and 30 October (for the 2nd semester) at the National and International Relations Office.

Who can apply?

The Vasco da Gama Programme is aimed at all national students or students officially recognised by Portugal as refugees, stateless persons or permanent residents who are simultaneously enrolled in a course at a polytechnic higher education school.

Which institutions can I go to?

Students can choose any of the participating Polytechnic Higher Education Schools as their host organisation. However, the feasibility of mobility is subject to approval of the study plan defined by the ESEnfC and the host school.

Adhering schools

Polytechnic Higher Education is organised into Polytechnic Institutes, Schools integrated into them, and Schools not integrated into any Institute. In addition, some Polytechnic Schools are integrated into Universities.

How long does the exchange last?

The mobility period can be a semester or a year, depending on the student's preference, the feasibility of the study plan or the student's previous mobility experience.

How can I apply?

Before applying, you should find out which schools you would like to go to. You should also obtain information/guidance on the academic viability conditions for undertaking a period of mobility at the institution of your choice.

Applications are submitted by completing the Online Application Form by the stipulated deadlines.

For further information, please consult the programme regulations.



  • Application Form (PT)
  • Study Programme (PT)
  • Vasco da Gama Programme Regulations (PT)

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