Outgoing Teachers


Application for ERASMUS teacher mobility in 2008/2009


Nº OF VACANCIES: to be defined according to funds available


DESTINATIONS: to be agreed with teachers, according to existing bilateral agreements


INSTITUTIONS/ UNIVERSITIES with bilateral agreements with the Nursing School of Coimbra (NSC):

Spain (Cáceres, Múrcia, Toledo, Madrid, Pamplona and Vic), France (Lyon and Grenoble), Belgium (Liège and Kortrijk), Norway (Bergen), Finland (Kokkola, Tampere and Kemi), Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki), Bulgaria (Plovdiv), Turkey (Istanbul) and Denmark (Copenhagen) …



- to accomplish a teaching mission of short duration (at least 5 hours, not exceeding 6 weeks) in a foreign institution/ university;

- to analyse the conditions of the host institution/ university to host students and teachers in mobility;

- to establish possible partnership projects;

- to know teaching-learning strategies or concrete projects, according to specific goals to be defined by the teacher.


APPLICATION PROCESS: Interested teachers must submit their mobility project (form attached) at the National and International Relations Office by 30th Abril.

Selection is accomplished by the National and International Relations Office, according to both, numbers of scholarships available by the National Agency and the following criteria:

  1. Never having participated in mobility programmes;
  2. Knowledge of English or the host country;
  3. Teacher mobility goals;
  4. Seniority in school;
  5. Institutional interest for mobility (mobility students&39; orientation)

At the end, teachers will have to fill a report according to the guidelines* and the Teacher Final Report (National Agency LLP), to be handed in at the National and International Relations Office until 30 days after the mobility.

* Guidelines for the elaboration of the Teachers&39; Mobility Report

- Introductory note

-  Scientific-Pedagogical Activities

- Personal and professional valorisation activities

- Activities for the mobility promotion

- Conclusion



Applications are done online - be aware of  the applications call


Teacher Final Report (National Agency LLP)