ESEnfC fills 100 percent of vacancies in the first call for applications


The last vacancy in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing of the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) was filled by a student with a grade of admission of 132.8 in the first call for applications in 2019. For this reason, the ESEnfC ranks 7th place as an educational institution with the best average grades of admission in a list of 21 similar nursing degrees (the number of vacancies between these schools differs greatly).


ESEnfC welcomes new students. Enrolments until 13 September, 2019


Once again, the ESEnfC is the nursing school with the highest numerus clausus in Portugal (320 vacancies), followed by the schools of Lisbon, Porto, and Guarda, with 285, 257, and 100 initial vacancies, respectively. It is one of the institutions most sought after by higher education applicants as it filled 100 percent of its vacancies in the first call for applications.

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing is also the third higher education degree with the highest number of vacancies, after the law degrees of the universities of Lisbon (445 vacancies) and Coimbra (334 vacancies).

The academic year begins on 12 September for second- to fourth-year undergraduate students) and on 16 September for first-year undergraduate students. The official opening of classes will take place on 9 October, 2019.

Until 13 September, students placed in the first call can enroll for the first year of the bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The second call for applications occurs between 9 and 20 September, 2019.



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