UICISA: E hosts the 1st Nursing Research Biennial in June


The Health Sciences Research Unit: Nursing (UICISA: E) will host the 1st Nursing Research Biennial on June 8-9, 2021. This online event includes the 6th Congress on Nursing Research of Ibero-American and Portuguese-speaking Countries and the 2nd International Symposium on Evidence-Based Health Care.



The Symposium is divided into two panels: Synthesizers of evidence and Implementers and evaluators of evidence. On the morning of June 8, Professor Edoardo  Aromataris, Director of the Synthesis Science Division at the Joanna Briggs Institute of the University of Adelaide, Australia, will deliver the opening conference, Ecosystem of evidence

On June 9, the Congress will address topics related to research funding, development of science in health, and results of science for populations’ health and social cohesion. Other topics include ethics in science, research in differentiated and complex nursing care, publication and dissemination of scientific knowledge, good practices in cross-border healthcare, and equity and health literacy.

Before the closing session by UICISA: E Scientific Coordinator, Professor João Apóstolo, the dean of the School of Nursing at Johns  Hopkins University, Patricia Davidson, will deliver a conference on The impact of research and action of nursing in global health.

The 1st Nursing Research Biennial is organized by UICISA: E, which is hosted by the Nursing School of Coimbra and evaluated and accredited by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, and will feature distinguished speakers from several countries such as Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, United States of America, Ireland, Wales, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Turkey.   

Three scientific meetings will also be held: Synthesis of Science: The challenge of search for systematic reviews, Communication of science and science dissemination networks, and Participatory Action Research in Health.

UICISA: E has around 170 Ph.D. and non-Ph.D. researchers from 24 academic and clinical institutions who are members of more than 30 international networks of interest to nursing worldwide, influencing policies and leading and collaborating in funded projects.  

For more information about the program of the 1st Nursing Research Biennial, please visit the event website:



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