New students on the ESEnfC Pedagogical Board


On September 11, the School’s President, António Fernando Amaral, appointed Francisco José da Silva Ferraz and Sofia Santos Rosa as the new student representatives on the Pedagogical Board of the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC). The students Bárbara Casimiro Pedro and Mariana Raquel Caetano Pingio, who had served on this pedagogical management body in its previous term, were also reappointed.

The ESEnfC Pedagogical Board consists of four students and an equal number of faculty representatives, with faculty member Rui Filipe Lopes Gonçalves currently serving as the chair. The other faculty members on the Board are Ana Maria Pacheco Mendes Perdigão Costa Gonçalves, Hugo Leiria Neves (the vice-chair), and Maria da Alegria Gonçalves Simões.

The Board’s duty is to assess the School’s pedagogical guidelines, teaching methods, and assessment strategies. It is in charge of proposing to the ESEnfC Quality and Assessment Board the assessment of the School’s pedagogical effectiveness through periodic surveys, participating in the analysis and dissemination of the outcomes. The Board also promotes the assessment of the faculty’s pedagogical performance.

Additionally, this body is responsible for offering feedback on the development of cycles of study and curricula, the presentation of school awards, and the planning of the academic and examination calendars.

The ESEnfC Pedagogical Board proposes teaching and bibliographic material, evaluates student success and failure rates, suggests necessary corrective measures, and ensures that courses align with the current professional and social environment of the Nursing profession in coordination with other ESEnfC bodies.



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