BUEC - Balcão Único da ESEnfC

Project Summary

The project BUEC - Balcão Único of the Nursing School of Coimbra aims to bundle the information systems already available at the School (academic management, financial management, and others), as well as support other processes that are yet to computerize. In addition to the internal processes (reduce operational costs, increase productivity), the platform will also include external bodies, namely in the:

  • Interface with the Suppliers;
  • Interface with the Citizens;
  • Interface with the Community;
  • Exchange of Information with other Public Service Authorities.

The Project has four main objectives:

  • Digitalization, dematerialization, and or digital provision of public services in an integrated and dully dematerialized way;
  • Development and integration of the technological systems and infrastructures to support new assistance models;
  • Consolidation of electronic identification, authentication, and signature mechanisms;
  • Activities of experimentation with and dissemination of the innovative use of ICT in the provision of public services.

Project POCI-05-5762-FSE-037739

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