Project Summary

The project “ESEnfC Acquisition of Teleworking Resources” aims to promote the acquisition of IT equipment to allow, where applicable, the practice of teleworking through the use of information and communication technologies.

The project has equipped 98 individual workstations for teachers with the necessary computer resources to carry out teaching duties effectively and efficiently, according to the portability needs identified.

Considering the resulting benefits for both ESEnfC and its teaching staff, the aim of the project is:

  • To promote duly regulated job portability;
  • To promote the balance between staff's personal, family, and professional lives;
  • To improve staff's digital skills;
  • To provide innovative and integrated digital tools and methods;
  • To encourage the adoption of more agile, flexible, and facilitating ways of working in public institutions;
  • To change the current paradigm towards the decentralization of public employment;
  • To adapt technical and human resources to the new paradigm of public service provision;
  • To optimize the functional management and energy sustainability of the School;
  • To increase the attractiveness of working in public administration.

This initiative aims to improve the efficiency and quality of public services by investing in the training, empowerment, productivity, and competitiveness of central public administration staff and institutions and replicating European best practices in this area.

Project Reference: TD C19-i07.05-2770

Project Information Sheet