Summary of the project:

The  European project EPOPS (Empowering Parents Organizations to Prevent Substance use), aiming at empowering parents’ and educators’ organizations to prevent the use/abuse of legal and illegal substances, is a community prevention program directed at parents’ and families’ associations to  involve them as preventive agents actively. The program promotes the figure of proactive mothers and fathers, members of parents' associations, who are trained to lead these interventions. Through an organized and strategic network, it collaborates with other parents and associations, to which professionals from various areas and representatives of other public and private structures are associated to achieve these goals.

For more information, go to the official webpage of the project: http://www.ferya.es/epops/#1526739355583-51e8e737-9ee5


Project Sheet


EPOPS Project Team  - epops.pt@gmail.com  

ESEnfC Team

Irma Brito, Ph. D., Coordinator - irmabrito@esenfc.pt 

Ana Perdigão, MSc

Ana Paula Neves, MSc

Ana Nicole Amorim, Research Grant Holder

IREFREA Team - Portugal

Fernando Mendes, President - irefrea.pt@gmail.com 

Maria do Rosário Mendes, MSc

Cátia Magalhães, MSc