SimuCarePro-CRM – Simulation in healthcare and crisis resource management to increase the efficiency of multidisciplinary teams in initial training

Project Summary

Used for the past 20 years in medical and paramedical training, healthcare simulation is an emerging training mode that aims to improve healthcare quality and safety. Beyond learning procedures and healthcare acts, it teaches how to work in multidisciplinary teams focusing on non-technical skills (human factors). Indeed, while medical and paramedical stakeholders have frequent opportunities to work in collaboration, this approach is only effective in the field, with patients.

SimuCarePro-CRM aims to create tools addressed to medical and paramedical training in order to provide, in simulation, the necessary non-technical skills to work in team in emergency situations. To do so, the project will focus on the study of CRM concepts (Crisis Resource Management) creating simulation scenarios validated by the academic world in a multidisciplinary context.

Project 2018-1-BE01-KA203-038568

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