Living the Future Academy

Project Summary

The Living the Future Academy (LFA) project grew out of the approval of a proposal for the first Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) Notice - STEAM Youth Boost and Adult Incentive. Its strategic goal and legacy for the future are to enable individuals, organizations, and regions to make sustainable and strategic decisions and inspire the paradigm shift needed for collaborative leadership and the transition to a 5.0 society.

To achieve this goal, the LFA project follows a structure that includes thematic academies and cross-cutting strategic initiatives. It integrates over one hundred local, regional, national, and international partnerships and is guided by the key objectives outlined below.

a) Create collaborative training opportunities for STEAM youth and professionals by promoting innovative training programs and courses tailored to diverse populations in coordination with employers and relevant socioeconomic organizations;

b) Promote strong linkages between training, research, and knowledge dissemination with individuals, communities, and organizations;

c) Promote innovation processes and scalable learning ecosystems by creating proximity and coordination between academia, the labor market, territories, and populations.


Project reference: Impulso JOVENS STEAM | RE-C06-I04

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